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flowers on green stalks mixed with red hearts against a yellow background with the words All You Need Is Love in red caps
Price: $23.95
Red heart-shaped balloons floating up against dark red background
Price: $21.95
Bee Mine
Regular Price: $24.80
On Sale For: $17.36
Brightly colored hearts in rows divided by colorful arrows, against a black background with "Bless Your Heart" message across the bottom.
Price: $27.65
mason jars, valentine messages, ribbons, flowers in printed arrangement against a white background
Price: $23.00
Big red heart with Love written on it against a background of black and white stripes
Price: $27.65
The word "love" in 4 horizontal rows, appliqued in white, with exception of one red letter on each line so that Love is spelled diagonally. Pink background.
Price: $11.50
Love Birds
Price: $22.90
Big red heart in center of flag, surrounded by bright flowers against black background
Price: $23.00
Red heart with the word Love spelled vertically above it
Price: $14.25
Price: $24.80
Doily "Love" message on white sticking up from red envelope with tan ribbon appliqued on black, poly-burlap garden flag
Price: $15.00