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Lower half of flag is in shape of lower half of pale yellow birdhouse, two blue birds flying in front of house, a biack bird hole opening in center of roof pinnacle; pink flowers on either side of roof which is brown; all appliqued.
Price: $12.50
Yellow green frog in lower right hand corner sitting on and surrounded by darker green lily pads; one bright pink lily in center of flag with another from peaking out from underneath it.  A little bit of blue water is seen beneath the lily.
Price: $21.00
Two brightly colored geckos against a tan background
Price: $12.00
Two brightly colored geckos with head at top of flag, tails at bottom, against a light tan background
Price: $21.95
White unicorn, rearing on hind legs, ground gold colored background purple with lightning striking down
Price: $21.95
Celebrate Planet Earth with this colorful flag showing all that is dear to us.  The design is authentically reproduced, hand-painted artwork using fade-resistant colors, digitally dyed on outdoor nylon and is printed through, showing in reverse on one side.
Price: $22.90
Pegasus against moon background in shades of purple and blue
Price: $21.95
Sparkling butterflies appliqued against white background with dark purple frame
Price: $28.60